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ImageWhen we became mums, we transform from working woman to working mother. Everything changes: our values, priorities, and the time available for both.

Being a working mum comes with many challenges and like many other mums here are some reasons we ought to be thankful to be working mums – perhaps some of these reasons resonate with you:

  1. You are a role model: your career shows your children that they can aspire to be many things. While they may not choose a path similar to yours, they will know all the options.
  2. You contribute financially to today and tomorrow: You are able to do many activities (individually and as a family) that would not be possible without a second income.
  3. You do not have to ask for permission: Bringing income into our home gives you the freedom to make a few purchases that you might not feel right about if you were not working- that handbag, designer shoes, the spa…
  4. Your kids are independent: Although you don’t enjoy leaving your children every day, they  actually do thrive in your absence. They learn to become independent, confident, and contributing future adults. 
  5.  You get to enjoy adult interaction: While one of the  favorite topics has been and always will be our children, it is nice to have a built-in break from this chatter and sometimes talk about customers, reports, current events, and even a nice dose of office gossip.
  6. You get recognition for your accomplishments:  Am sure you love it when your child says thank you for his breakfast or thank you when you find his favorite toy but it is also great to get a compliment from a coworker, boss, or a client. 
  7.  Your kids know they are not the center of the universe: With two working parents in the house, everyone knows they need to help out. The kids can all have age-appropriate responsibilities: They make their beds, take out the garbage, set the table for dinner, and walk the dog. They may not always do their chores, some days are better than others.  But with these responsibilities they are learning to be independent, responsible, and are learning the value of contribution..
  8. Work gives us an identity beyond “Mummy”: Being a mother will always be the most important job. But, all of us still strive for a deeper sense of self. Working allows use to have an identity that is separate from  life at home.

For all these we can be grateful to be working mums …. Feel free to add your own reasons to this list