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ImageBeing a working mum means you get caught up. You get caught up in so much. In keeping the house running. Ensuring there is food, laundry is clean, house is clean, everyone is warm and so much more. Without knowing it slowly and surely motherhood starts becoming a routine.

For some mums the frustration sets in and the smile on your face is replaced by a permanent frown, and in the mix of things you find yourself zoning out the voices of your children just so you don’t go crazy. Many mums have been there, they know how frustrating it can get and yet it’s so hard to talk about it.

Perhaps a good start would be to go back to that feeling, of what motherhood means to you. The feeling of the first time you held your baby, the first time they smiled at you, grew a tooth, took their first step or even learned to feed themselves! the many milestones that we take for granted which brought joy to our lives.

There is so much to celebrate about motherhood, pausing a bit to be in their lives might bring the joy back to you. Make the effort and change your perspective as you become more and more present. Read a story together, watch a cartoon they like together, kick the ball and roll in the grass or once in a while break the routine and walk them to the bus as they head to school. Life is about the little things. The little things that really matter. So go on…. pause and enjoy what matters.