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Yell Less

 No judgment here. It’s hard not to. Sometimes it feels like raising your voice is the only way to get your kid’s attention. But for all the obvious reasons, it’s terrible for kids and moms. So in 2014, try to cut it out. It’ll save you all that time spent with I-just-yelled-at-my-kid guilt.

ImageDo More Things You Like

You’re a good mom spending most of your time thinking about and doing things for your kids, but what about you? Part of being a mom means also being a person. What happened to that yoga class you loved so much? And when was the last time you took out your favorite book? If we want well-rounded kids, we have to be well-rounded parents. So if people ask how you are and you respond, “The kids are fine,” it’s probably time to get a few more interests of your own.

Pay A Little More Attention to  your better half

When you’re not catching up on your favourite TV-show and trying not to yell, try giving your better half a bit more attention.

Start Saying, “No.”

By New Year’s Day most moms are knee deep in “overwhelmed,” having spent the beginning of the school year being a chauffeur, tutor and chef. Guess what? Your kid doesn’t have to be at every birthday party  she/he’s invited to, and the little one doesn’t need a play date every single day. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something, and your kids will enjoy it as much as you.

Put Down That Phone

Multitasking is a mom’s middle name, so it makes sense that we sometimes need to answer an email or respond to a text while the kids are around. But if you’re like me, you find yourself nearly addicted to checking what’s new on the phone- from incoming messages, missed calls and emails. Sure that text is hilarious and that email is top priority, but you don’t really need to check them every minute.

Have Some Kid-Like Fun

Kids get to run around, climb on things, scream to their hearts content, eat fried things and take a nap. Sounds fun, right? Well, why shouldn’t mom? Every now and then, let loose a little. And yes, you can have the fries.

Spend Some Quality Mom-Time With Your Kids Separately

Everyone in the family wants a piece of mom all the time, so sometimes it seems unfair to just spend time with one of the kids. But just like you need the occasional date with the hubs or with a friend, it’s nice to spend some one-on-one time with each of your kids separately. They’ll feel special, and so will you.

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Gosh, being a mom is hard. It’s a job that comes with no manual, education or training. So just like you want your kid to be less hard on herself, lead by example and give yourself a break. You’re doing the best you can.

What else do you think should be on this list?