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Supplements are foods or nutrients specifically used to complement or improve nutritive value of our daily diet.
-Dietary supplements are foods or food products particularly rich in specific nutrients
-Vitamin supplements, minerals and other nutrients derived from natural or synthetic sources.


Let’s start with those who may truly need nutritional supplements;

‎- Newborns: All our newborns get a shot of Vitamin K when born, and this was to avoid excessive bleeding i.e. hemorrhage. It aids in blood clotting. Children who get little sun need Vitamin D to avoid rickets and poor bone formation

Women with heavy menstrual periods definitely need iron to prevent anemia

Women before conception and during the first months of pregnancy: folic acid to avoid abnormalities and malfunctions of the fetus such as spina bifida.

‎-Women at risk of Osteoporosis: need calcium; – Strict vegetarians and the elderly need Vitamin B12 and B group of vitamins; – Smokers need Vitamin C and Bs as the body uses alot of these nutrients to detoxify;

Men at risk of Heart attack need carotenes, flavonoids, folates antioxidants; People under major stress or nervous tension need wheat germ, B group of vitamins; Patients who are malnourished, have infectious diseases or healing need multiple vitamins and minerals for the healing process; – Sports men/women need more antioxidants such as vitamin A,C,E carotenes to protect the body from wear and tear due to their profession.


– Soil exhaustion hence most soils lack in adequate nutrients due to use of chemical fertilizers

– Unripe crops when you eat immature crops or fruits you may not get the concentrations of their nutrients right

– Chemical pollution hence the need to take protective concentrations of supplements to prevent the effects of heavy metals, exhaust fumes and gases, additives.

When choosing supplements, always go for the organic, natural brands as they are easily absorbed and utilized by the body compared to the synthetic type, which are not easily digested and utilized by the body



a) Carotenes are the yellow, orange pigment found in fruit and vegetables and transformed into Vitamin A in the body. They reduces risk of cancer, heart conditions and boosts immunity

b) Vitamin C is a very strong protector. It is very helpful to smokers and those exposed to high level of chemical pollution and can boost the immunity preventing the common cold among other conditions

c) Vitamin E is an antioxidant and protects the oxidation of fats which helps to prevent heart diseases and cell damage the natural one which is referred to as d-alpha tocopherol is more potent than the synthetic one referred to as l-alpha tocopherol

d) Selenium is a mineral that the body needs in small quantities but performs very important functions. It stimulates the immune system and protects against cancer especially that of the skin

c) Flavonoids or Bioflavonoid they are great anti inflammatory and antioxidant effects protecting the body capillaries. They enable the action of vitamin c.

e) chlorophyll – green pigmentation in green leafy vegetable and in tender sprouts of grains and legumes such as wheatgrass it reduces risk of cancer and combats bad breath

f) Co enzyme Q10 is a fatty soluble substance that all cells both in animal and plant and aids in the production of energy. Food provides at least 3-5mg daily can be used as a supplement for the heart, muscles, and gum diseases

2. OILS AND FATS a) EFA ( Essential Fatty Acids ) Omega 3 from fish Omega 6 from plant source like olive oil it is recommended for the treatment of many disease including nervous system degeneration, thrombosis, heart and cardiovascular conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, eczema and skin disorders

b) Lecithin is also a lipid substance primarily from soya and is recommended to reduce elevated cholesterol, liver disease and nervous disorders

3. DIETARY FIBRE is effective in preventing colon cancer and constipation as well as lowering cholesterol levels can be found in wheat bran or a diet high in complex carbohydrate also present in organic Wheatgrass powder and Glucomannan which is present in most weight loss programs.


a) Honey is much more than sugar. It has been used to manage insomnia, infectious diarrhea, respiratory conditions and liver failure

b) Bee Pollen is nutritious and invigorating used in cases of fatigue, food disorders

c) Royal Jelly used in the case of mental and physical exhaustion, sexual impotence, low immunity and heart conditions

d) Bee Propolis is a natural antibiotic

5. VITAMINS AND MINERALS: The best multivitamin for those capable of eating is a diet rich in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables could be juiced without removing the pulp but as it is many do not take this and would need an addition.

6. MICROORGANISMS most are microscopic bacteria, algae and yeast

a) Spirulina rich in protein vitamins and minerals particularly iron also provide vit B12 sold in capsule or powder form

b) Probiotic this is a product that include different strains of good bacteria such as lactobacillus and it is used to boost immunity and aid digestion available in yoghurt and in capsule form

c) Brewer’s Yeast is high in protein and all B vitamins and Vitamin D has trace minerals and essential fatty acids that provide antioxidant properties used as a tonic, improves digestion and a detoxifier and shows it reduces undesirable side effects during cancer therapy such as loss of appetite and anemia

In the market there are various companies that have a great range of nutritionals such as forever living, GNLD, and a variety of natural organic supplements at Healthy U as well. Feel free to check out Healthwise Solutions website www.healthwisesolutions.co.ke for more info and call Nkatha Mwenda. Call Nkatha on: +254 707 180 841, 0724013437