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–          On the first day of school, prepare a special breakfast. Make it a breakfast that they don’t normally get, and a memorable one.

–           Place a card of encouragement on their pillow. Cards are a physical acknowledgment of love and encouragement, and your child can keep them year after year as they grow. It’s a great thing to look forward to.

–          Promise the kids that if they go through a whole week of school without issue and reprimand at school, you’ll reward them with a for example pizza party, sleepover, a trip the National Park or movies on the first weekend after a whole week of school. This takes your children’s’ minds off the long week ahead and more focused on the fun they’ll have while they transition back into school.

–          Have a special dinner for their first day of school as well, and be home when they get home, because they will have many many things to tell you about. Getting excited and being there for them on their first day of school and caring about their day makes them excited about day 2

The key to making your kids excited about going back to school is being excited for them, and addressing their fears and concerns before school even starts. Making school a celebration gets everyone excited.