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Image We’ve all heard the familiar phrases ”If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” and “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Even though we throw those words around in a fun light-hearted way, there couldn’t be more truth hidden beneath them. We as moms hold an honored position of making or breaking any gloomy mood in our homes.
Maybe you have found yourself getting short-tempered with the kids, when you wished you could have held you tongue or shown more grace in the heat of the moment?
The degrees of joy, peace, and calmness in your home are a direct measure of your own physical, spiritual and mental well being.

Here are things a mom can do to herself to Create A Home of Warmth and Grace.

1. Getting Rest. You need time where no one is asking you to do anything at all. It is a sacred quiet time for you. Scheduled bedtimes for your kids and yourself gives you time to stay up beyond them and still get enough sleep. If you have babies and can’t control your sleep patterns, then give yourself grace and do the best you can. We have all been there and we’re cheering you on!
2. Time with God. Spending time talking to God in prayer and reading the Bible has a strong impact on you as a mom. Maybe you are in a busy season and taking devotional time is next to impossible. Do what you can, when you can. Staying in the presence of God gives you strength to be proactive rather than reactive when there is so much going on in your life.
3. Simplify Schedules. We need to limit outside activities, or at least try to have seasons of off time to keep stress levels lower. Learn to allow margin for rest, for fun, and just being together with the rest of the family. Do not be task oriented. When you spend direct one on one time with your kids, playing a game, looking them in the eye and giving them your attention, the level of tantrums in your kids comes down considerably and you all feel better.
4. Clutter Busting: Keeping a few most important areas of your home de-cluttered keeps you less stressed. Not perfect but picked up through the day. Also try training your kids to pick up after themselves. This is a hard area for us moms, but keep working on it, and as we do it, it seems to bring peace and a whole lot less anxiety for all.

5. Giving up Perfection – The only one perfect is God. Be reminded of this when you put high expectations on yourself. When we can let go of striving for perfect, we can rest in grace and let God work on our hearts. This softens us to be better moms.
6. Meal Planning – When you know what is for dinner first thing in the morning it makes the day go better. Just planning it out is a simple thing to do, but sometimes If you forget, you then end up in a panic wondering what to make or getting dinner made in time.
7. Having Mom Time Out: Time outs are crucial for you to re-group and feel human. I encourage you to take time outs through the day. Try to simply go to your bedroom for five minutes and breathe–time out does wonders for us as moms. If your kids take naps, then you have some time to soak in the silence. Doing anything here or there for yourself is so important in refueling and rejuvenating. A date with your girlfriends, reading a good book, any hobby or interest that is just for you is important to feed your soul and make you a calmer mother.
8. Playing Music: Play music every day in your home, it works like magic. Your kids might be fighting a lot or might need to cool down too. Music works so well to change the atmosphere of our homes or to keep it peaceful.
9. Give Grace for Limitations: We are women with hormone changes going on all the time. Hormones are a normal part of our ever-changing bodies, but it’s good to recognize them as a valid mood changer. Communicating with our kids and husbands when we don’t feel well, is a good idea. Recognizing any medical limitations gives everyone in our homes room to extend grace to each other.
10. Scripture Memory: Memorizing scriptures as a family, with your kids, and for yourself can make such a difference in your home. When situations come up you can turn to the scriptures you have learnt and get your kids to recite them back to you, or you recite them as a reminder when things are not going well.

There is nothing that works better in the heat of the moment than saying out loud “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”!