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images-49Once in a while it’s good to give your kids a big hug and kiss goodbye then turn off the “eyes in the back of you head” for hours. Calling time away from your kids a “break” may sound bad, but it’s not, it is necessary. Not having to be in mum-mode for even a little while can be relaxing, restorative, and just the recharge you need to be a great parent when you’re back with your kids.

Adult time doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. A weekend away with girlfriends is nice, but most of the time even just an hour without kids running around can flip your mood around and boost your long-term stores of energy that are so necessary to keep your home operating smoothly.

The thing is, adult time is nearly essential to be a happy, stress free mum. You have likely heard that investing time in date night is important for a marriage; so is taking time away from kiddie-land and focusing just on yourself. Whether it’s an hour, a day, or a weekend, it can be the thing that keeps you from losing your mind in a world of “Mummy, I need this” or “Mummy, do that.”

Do not make parenting you number one priority and let it to take over your very own needs. Understand and accept that carving out time to spend with just your husband or a group of girlfriends is also investing into your bank of mummy skills. You are not less of a mum by not physically being with your child at every opportunity.

When you take sometime “off” you come back energized and desperately wanting to spend time with your kids. Let me tell you: anything that makes you want to spend more time with your kids is a good thing. You will realized that investing in adult time is well worth the time away from the kids, even if you do miss them while away. I could say the same thing about taking date nights with your husband for no other reason than that it’s nice to have an uninterrupted conversation and catch up on each other’s lives outside of your parenting identities.

Taking time for yourself or spending time with your friends recharges you to be a more engaged parent. It’s amazing how much more present you can be with your kids when you’ve had a chance to step back for a minute. If you haven’t been doing so all along, it’s time to give yourself some adult time too, no strings (or guilt!) attached.


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