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Cold Relief….. Help your child cope

baby with coldFor most kids, the worst of the cold passes after three or four days, but some symptoms can linger for ten days or beyond. In the meantime, you can offer some cold relief to your sniffling tot.
1. Feed her right. Scientists have proven what grandmothers have always known: Chicken soup can help relieve cold symptoms. Researchers say that the blend of nutrients in chicken soup may have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can ease swelling in the upper respiratory tract and relieve soreness in the throat. Plus, the warm broth (and its soothing steamy vapors) loosens the mucus that causes congestion. If that’s not enough, the salty soup helps prevent dehydration. If you don’t have any chicken soup handy, any type of warm broth may also help ease congestion.
What if your tot won’t eat? Don’t stress. Loss of appetite is normal when kids get colds, and it won’t cause any long-term harm. But do make sure your toddler gets enough liquids to prevent dehydration.

2.Focus on liquids. Speaking of fluids, don’t stop at soup. Make sure your child gets plenty to drink when she’s fighting a cold.
Help her breathe. As you well know, stuffy noses can be very uncomfortable, and they can keep your sick toddler from getting the sleep she desperately needs. To alleviate congestion, run a cool-mist humidifier (which is safer than a warm-mist humidifier should your toddler toddle too close to it) in her bedroom at night. Another good option: Try using saline nose drops to soften up crusty mucus in her nasal passages. If your toddler still has trouble sleeping, prop up her head with a pillow beneath the mattress.
3.Ease the fever. There’s no need to medicate every fever that comes along; a fever simply lets you know the body is waging war against an infection. But sometimes a little relief can help your child get the z’s she needs. For a low-grade fever (a fever of 103°F or higher in a child older than six months warrants a call to the doctor) give her either acetaminophen or ibuprofen (note that ibuprofen is approved only for children older than six months).
4.Don’t ask for antibiotics. Don’t be tempted to push your doctor for antibiotics to treat the cold, either. Antibiotics won’t help (colds are caused by viruses, not bacteria) and the overuse of antibiotics is contributing to the growth of superbugs (bacterium that are resistant to treatment). So skip the meds and offer your toddler some extra TLC instead.



angryIt happens to most of us mums, we feel guilty about it, wonder what to do about it and promise to do better next time. Yeah…your kid can make you lose it!, the yelling, the screaming , the acting up in the middle of the supermarket. You know those episodes…
I stumbled onto this article on http://www.whattoexpect.com , may this tips be of help to you as they have helped me! … Feel free to share your own tips.
The article says……..
• Know your limits. It’s often not just your toddler’s whining that pushes you over the edge. It’s the “other stuff” you have going on that makes you lose your cool — deadlines at work, errands to run, an argument with a friend. Something has to give, and sometimes it’s your temper. When you’re really feeling stressed — and we all know that feeling — avoid additional triggers. Skip the errands and head to the park instead.
• Pick your battles. You need to set limits to keep your toddler safe and to help her learn how to control herself and her behavior. But you don’t need to say no to everything. Decide which rules are important to you and stick to them, and let the rest go (who cares if she insists on the red cup for every meal, or wants to pair stripes with plaids?). This decreases frustration on your child’s part and yours — and keeps minor arguments from becoming major battles.
• Give yourself a time-out. If you feel like you’re about to start losing your temper, take a deep breath and count to ten. Center yourself with a sip of tea or a gulp of sparkling water (even if you have to drink it in a go-cup while chasing your toddler around the backyard). Or step into another room (as long as your child is safe) and take a moment to close your eyes or quietly gaze out the window. It’s amazing how much more “in the zone” you’ll feel in a few short minutes.
• Try distraction. If a battle of wills is about to begin, shift gears and try to tickle your child’s funny bone before you both lose your cool. Sometimes a little kids’ joke, funny face, or favorite song can work wonders with a child — and parent — who are about to explode.
• Find an outlet. A parent, a friend, your very understanding sister. Tap a supportive soul who’s a good listener and make that person your sounding board. When your child’s napping or out with another family member, call your support person and vent (and be sure to return the favor the next time she’s the one with a gripe to air).
• Be good to yourself. A mom who takes care of herself can take better care of her family. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating right. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or make a date night with your partner (there’s nothing like a little romance to recharge your batteries).


School Bus Drama…

School_BusIts back to school season, and right about this time most kids  have joined baby class and kindergartens. I changed schools for my boy this January, and while at the admins office w, couldn’t help but be nervous wondering if he will like his new school, his new class mates and my biggest worry was school transport.

You see, a  friend of mine runs an establishment where many schools bring the kids for day trips to learn about nature, have fun and all. She once mentioned how students were mixed up and a student was taken to the wrong school! Or some totally forgotten.

Day one of school transport went well…my boy loved the bus! Second day, he was not on the bus he was meant to be in……………….. !!!! That almost gave me a heart attack  and frantically called the school so they could try and locate him. He arrived in a different bus- one hour later. I was so tempted to call the school with a few words…

Share your school bus experiences…. Would love to hear them.