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ImageMost working mums struggle with the guilt of feeling that they do not get to spend enough time with their kids. So every moment that they can squeeze in to spend with their kids… is enjoyed to the max.

Well some of us just go the extra lap I must say…… was invited by my friend to accompany her to her friends son’s birthday party. After debating between using the Saturday to get work done, it felt more appropriate to go for this birthday party. Felt my boy would use some company.

Typical of Nairobi Birthdays, there was a bouny castle……. You see my boy has been scared of this thing for the longest time…. Surprisingly when he saw it, he sized it from far …. And finally agreed to go in on one condition…. If I could go in with him. The stares from the other kids and giggles made it clear how ridiculous it is for a whole mum to be in a bouncy castle!

Well, needless to say the kid in me was brought out in this bouncing castle….. with no care in the world, I joined my son  and we jumped and hopped around…screamed and laughed. And had a great time…….. and finally he agreed to stay with the rest of the kids…..

I came back after a few minutes and couldn’t resist the temptation for a few more bounces…. I was having a great time until another 3 year old said” Aunty songa kidogo”…… and I realized  I was the hugest  “Kid” in the bouncing castle…. bringing a halt to my new found amusement…. Oh well… it was great to see my son enjoy the bounces.

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