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Cancer  is a prominent topic in this day and age mainly due to the rising numbers of this disease affecting the young the middle aged and the old.  It doesn’t discriminate from race, ethnicity or gender. As a nutritionist, Nkatha Mwenda of Health Wise Solutions Ltd takes this opportunity to give nutritional advice/ support.
The doctor’s role is important when they diagnose and recommend treatment in conjunction with a healthy diet, prevention and management is practical.


The topics will be as follows, for easier reference;
1. Foods as a cause of cancer
2. Foods in the prevention of Cancer
3. Foods in the treatment of cancer
4. List of specific foods that help prevent cancer
5. Foods that promote cancer
6. Diet for preventing each type of cancer
– cancer of the mouth
-brain cancer
-cancer of throat
-cancer of the esophagus
-stomach cancer
-liver cancer
-lung cancer
-breast cancer
-colon cancer

Cancer- an uncontrolled duplication of cells causing a malignant tumor.
It invades surrounding tissues and may entail metastasis (other tumors of the same type appearing far from the original site) and its natural evolution can lead to death
Carcinogen-food, substance or other agent that fosters the development of cancer.
The most common carcinogens are tobacco smoke, certain food additives such as nitrites, the substances that form during the cooking of meat, chemical contaminants such as pesticides, some viruses and mold and radiation
Mutagens- substances that produce mutations or changes in the genetic code i.e. DNA. Many of these mutations cause cells to become cancerous, thus mutagens are also carcinogens
Finally Ant carcinogens or cancer protection is foods or substances that neutralize the action of carcinogens and slows or prevents the development of cancer.
Virtually all Ant carcinogens are plant based
Foods as a cause of Cancer:
Factors that cause cancer are;
35% Diet
30% Tobacco
6% Genetic
5% Viral causes
4% Work environment
3%Environmental pollution
3%Solar radiation
11% Other
You notice DIET is today’s primary cancer causing factor.
We are eating too much animal based foods which foster cancer, in proportion to plant based foods, which protect against Cancer.
To REDUCE cancer risk, AVOID:
-cured meats(sausages, cured ham, bacon etc) grilled meats and very well done/ over cooked or fried meats
-Excess calories from proteins or fat sources especially animal sources such as meats, whole milk, eggs
-Smoked, pickled, salted or highly spiced foods
-Alcoholic beverages, coffee and tobacco: when combined, they potentate their carcinogenic effect
Food that are suitable for humans in aiding in the protection of cancer instead of fostering it are precisely the effects of Fruits, Nuts, Whole grains, Legumes and Vegetable

It requires the increase of;
-Provitamins A, vitamins C and E
-Phytochemical elements ie flavonoids, isoflavones, caretonoids….beneficial plant chemicals
All these have been experimented and shown to be Anticarcinogens
They are found exclusively in plant based foods.
Above ALL foods play a vital role in Cancer prevention. However, even when cancer has been diagnosed, diet continues to be vitally important.

All the ant carcinogenic foods described below, particularly fruit treatments, salads and fresh juices are additional treatment resources that shouldn’t be ignored.

There is evidence of their effectiveness in slowing the development of malignant cells demonstrating that their use as a therapeutic tool is well founded.
a) Fruit
Together with veggies, is the most effective anticarcinogenic food.
Scientific research shows a diet abundant in fruits prevents most cancers
All fresh fruits are rich in – Antioxidant vitamins ACE and phtochemicals which are capable of neutralizing carcinogenic substances entering the body
So take in as much as you can of:
-Citrus such as lemon, oranges and grapefruit
Their anticarcinogenic capacity is due to the combined effect of Vitamin C, flavonoids, limonoids and pectin
-Plums and apples these protect against Colon cancer
-Pineapples prevent stomach cancers
-grapes the resveratrol they contain, particularly in the skin is anticarcinogenic
-Blackberries and other aggregate fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and currants are rich in anthocynanins, powerful antioxidants that neutrilize the carcinogenic effect of free radicals
-Guava, Kiwis are great due to their high Vitamin C content
b) Olive oil
Studies conducted reveal, that when it is substituted for other dietary fats we use, olive oil consumption reduces breast cancer risk.
It’s anticarcinogenic effect is due to its richness in antioxidants and mono unsaturated fatty acids among others.
c) Wholegrains
The fibre in whole grains accelerates movement through the bowel.
It also retains and removes carcinogenic substances that may be in the digestive tract, excreting them with the faeces.

Fibre in grains and whole-grain bread prevents stomach and colon cancer by reducing the time that these harmful substances are in contact with the mucosa of the digestive tract.
By preventing absorption of carcinogens, fibre protects against other cancers such as pancreatic and breast cancers.
Grains also contain phytates, which as Anticarcinogens, although they also reduce iron and zinc absorption and therefore a multi mineral supplement to add onto the diet is recommended.
– Rye this is the most effective grain in prevention of colon cancer
-Wheat germ because of its antioxidant action halts the processes of cell degeneration and protects against cancer
-Wheatgrass a sprouted version of the wheat grain is rich in antioxidants and is a potent anti-carcinogen
d) Vegetables
All veggies protect against cancer to a greater or lesser degree.
Their richness in Provitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidant phytochemicals explain their effect; below are some of the most effective;
– Red beets i.e beet roots are high in Anticarcinogens
– Carrots their high concentration of beta carotene ie Provitamin A, other carotenoids and fibre explains its proven anticarcinogenic effect
-Botanical family Solanaceae
The veggies of this family protect against cancer particularly tomatoes contain lycopene very effective in preventing prostate cancers, sweet peppers yellow, green, red, Eggplants
This is due to their richness in beta carotene carotenoids and vitamin c all potent antioxidants
– Botanical family Liliaceae
All the veggies of this family particularly onions and garlic contain flavonoids and sulfur acted essences that protect against cancer because they neutralize carcinogenic substances and inhibit or stop the development of tumor cells.
– Crucifers
The plants of this family contain a variet of sulfur acted phytochemicals whose anticarcinogenic effect has been demonstrated in labs. Their effects persists even after cooking. This include Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Radishes.
In contrast to milk, whose consumption is related to a variety of cancers, yoghurt protects against this disease particularly Breast cancer
It contains active bacterial cultures and lactic acid partially explain this protective effect.
Probiotics are Anticarcinogens and are available through natural yoghurt and pills with strains of good bacteria cultures.
f) Legumes
They protect because of their richness in fibre and phytochemicals such as phytic acid and phytates

– Soy and it’s derivatives
This include tofu soy meat and soy milk provide a variety of anticarcinogenic phytochemicals. Most effective is Isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. These are veggie hormones phytoestrogens hat avoid the undesirable effects of estrogen, such as its tendency to promote cancer, particularly breast and prostate.
Numerous studies both experimental and statistical have revealed that meat consumption is a significant risk factor in most types of cancer (brain, lung, stomach, kidney, urinary bladder, uterus, ovarian and prostate, breast among others)
Meats particularly detrimental are red meats ( beef, lamb, goat, pork) their animal fat has been associated with many cancers
Salted/cured meats such as bacon, ham and sausages etc contain nitrosamines which is carcinogenic
Meat cooked well done or grilled on a barbecue or fried cause the formation of heterocyclic amines, aromatic hydrocarbons and benzopyrene which are carcinogens
Hormones used to fatten livestock, when they are present in meat in elevated amounts can be carcinogenic
So eliminate meat from your diet gradually to get off risk of cancers
b) Alcoholic beverages
They promote cancer even when considered to have medicinal value such as wine and beer.These do not require large doses to induce cancer. This effect is present even with moderate consumption.
Breast cancer risk is increased with an intake of 1 glass a day by 250%
There is proven relationship between overall consumption of alcoholic beverages and cancers of the mouth, throat, breast, lung, liver, pancreas, colon, and urinary bladder
c) Refined products
when white bread, rolls and other refined products are used in place of whole grains in the diet, there is a corresponding relation to the formation of cancer.
This is why;
– first it lacks fibre
-excess sugar content
-transfatty acids this type of fatty acidosis common in refined industrial baked goods
Fried foods and margarine also contain trans fatty acids
In addition to raising cholesterol levels and promoting heart attack and cardiovascular diseases, they are related to cancers of the breast and skin
d) Sugar
Some studies have related excess white sugar use with the following types of cancer;
Colon, stomach and cervical
Brown sugar or maple syrup are not as harmful since they contain some minerals and vitamins that refine white sugar lacks fructose protects against prostate cancer.
e) Coffee
Coffee consumption has been associated with of the urinary bladder and disease of the breast which can be pre-cancerous. This effect is not due to the caffeine but rather the components of its essence.
f) Milk
According to various studies excess whole milk consumption is associated with the appearance of some cancers like breast, lung, ovarian, prostate and urinary bladder
Possible explanation is that milk can transmit bovine leukemia virus which is carcinogenic.
There is evidence that excess consumption of more than 3 eggs a week is associated with cancer of stomach, breast, lung, pancreas, colon, ovaries
Explanation is;
-Cholesterol eggs elevate cholesterol and may promote cancer
-Saturated fat this is predominant fat in eggs which is a factor in cancer development
-Viruses hence the contamination with leukemia type viruses which pass to eggs and cause a variety of cancers
Eggs should be well cooked to prevent infections from salmonella bacteria
h) Shellfish/ fish
Due to the nature of shellfish living at the bottom of the sea or water bodies, they may contain carcinogenic substances such as lead and mercury dumped into the sea
For other Fish avoid the salted or cured variety as they contain nitrosamines which are carcinogenic
‎6. Finally Diets for preventing certain types of cancers
a) Cervical cancer
Veggies especially those high n carotenes such as carrots beet roots
Vitamin C
Foliates is B vitamins
Antioxidants Vitamins A,C,E

I advise onto your diet to get a supplement called A Beta Care contains a variety of antioxidants mentioned it retails at 2,800/-
Animal fat
b) Ovarian cancer
Vegetables particularly carrots and beets
Crucifer outs veggies
Whole grain bread and pasta
A Beta Care
Whole milk
Saturated fats
c) Prostate Cancer
Lots of tomatoes
Wholegrain cereals, breads and pasta
Legumes – soy
Garlic and onions
Beta carotene
A Beta Care
Pro 6 retails for 3,000/-
Reduce or eliminate
Red meat and cured/salted/smoked meats n fish
Animal fats
Cholesterol bad ones which are HDLP
d) Colon cancer
Veggie carrots spinach wheatgrass and beets especially
Whole grain breads and pasta
Fermented dairy products yoghurt
Calcium as a food supplement retails 2,400
Reduce or Eliminate
Reduce meats ( beef, pork, lamb)
Well done meat
Processed or cured meats
Liver and other variety meats
Eggs particularly for women
Fats and high calorie foods especially animal based
Cured high-fat cheese
Sugar such as is added in coffee or tea
Alcoholic beverages
e) Breast Cancer
Soy, tofu, soy milk
Vegetables ESP spinach, wheatgrass, carrots, broccoli
Olive oil
Garlic/ onions
Vitamin ACE
Beta carotenes
A Beta Care
Arctic Sea has olive oil 2,900
Reduce or Eliminate
Red meat ( fish and skinless chicken are not detrimental)
Processed pork sausages, bacon, ham
Fat animal sources
High fat cheese
Trans fatty acids found in margarine and commercial baked products
Alcoholic beverages even in low doses
Chocolate and pastries
f) Stomach cancer
Fruits particularly citrus and pineapple
Garlic and onion
Whole grain bread
Vegetable oil
Whole grain pasta and rice
Arctic sea
Aloe Vera
Reduce or eliminate
Red meat ESP well done
Cured meats and sausages ESP homemade
Salt cured foods
Rolls and pastries
Saturated fats
g) Lung Cancer
Fruits and vegetables
A Beta Care
Arctic Sea with olive oil
Reduce or Eliminate
Cured meats sausage bacon
Whole milk and dairy products
Refined baked products
h) Brain Cancers
vitamin E
A beta Care
Arctic Sea
Reduce or eliminate
Hot dogs intake by pregnant women can increase risk of cancer to unborn
Cured or roasted meats
Processed pork products such as boiled ham and bacon
Fried foods
I) Liver Cancer
Vitamin ACE
A Beta Care
Reduce or eliminate
Moldy foods or those with aflatoxin residue
Alcoholic beverages
As usually if you are in need of additional info you can check Health Wise Solutions out at http://www.healthwisesolutions.co.ke text or call  Nutritionist Nkatha  Mwenda on 0707180841 or 0786485328 ( while you are on our blog, check out our website http://www.supamamas.co.ke)


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