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The day my baby started talking over a year ago….we were so delighted! It was one of the milestones that we truly celebrated…. months down the line and the boy now being over two years……. man! The boy can really talk….on and on and on…..

What is funny for us is that the boy can talk to himself …for example..when he has been spanked.  He will cry then start saying to himself….. “ pole baby, daddy amekuchapa? daddy ni mbaya sana….tutamshtaki kwa mummy….wewe ni a good boy!” …..

But what I like most about my boy getting the hang’ of communication is that he will say anything and everything that happened while you were away. How and where he fell down… and the places they went with the nanny…. So when we come home the only thing  we need to ask is “How was your day?”….and the whole broadcast will be shared…..

Am enjoying this time because….. Who needs a nanny cam when you can tune in to toddler’s FM!


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