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Image My former British neighbor one day looked at my toddler’s stomach and asked me if he has Kwashiorkor…. Because his stomach was …round…. and well…. very healthy.

When I thought about it later …. I figured my boy literally can have rice or potatoes every day at every meal….  And since my British neighbor was a nurse…couldn’t help but believe her a bit…..So here and there, we have been seeing how to get this boy to have some variety in his meal, which has been working out pretty well.

One fine Wednesday ilin Apr, I set out to do a few errands here and there and actually got so much done. Then I decided to pass by City Market and bought this collection of different types of nyama…and some fish for the boy so we can work on this diversifying his meals thing.

After my grand purchase, I made my way to the Cooperative Bank, Aga Khan Walk…. I walk in say hi to Korir the ever helpful guy at customer service then move to  next to ATM –Collection counter… and I place my Nyama collection and head towards the ATM counter…which means I had to face the other side.

10 Minutes later, I turn to pick my nyama collection……its not there…. I ask the soldier if he has seen my meat..and smiles then he says no. Even saying those words sounded funny …“habari soldier, umeona nyama yangu pale…”

After absorbing the fact that my nyama was gone…and my boy’s fish was gone..I headed to Korir the ever helpful guy… and he mutters a “pole mama”. So another kind staff member tells me to wait, they will play for me the CCTV tape to see, you guessed it- the person who stole my meat…..

So sitting there waiting to identify the meat thief….I find myself bursting in laughter…here I am actually sitting at a banking lobby waiting to identify some guy who stole my meat…It struck me that its not the worst than can happen to a mother. The guy must have hoped it was wads of cash in it…. Would have been priceless to see his expression when he  peeped at his loot…. I wonder what he did to my meat collection and my boy’s fish…..


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