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Did you wear underwear on your head?

One random day you are sitting over there, chilling…so relaxed and you realize that there is an eerie silence. You wonder where is the kid? And you know whenever a kid is silent most of the time they are up to no good.

Before you jump into action to go check on the kid….. The kid emerges from the room, with a wide grin on their face and underwear on the head! This happened to me……yes…..my kid has been there, done that, lucky for him the camera was far…….

This is a phenomenon worldwide, thank God as you grow; you hardly have these memories of you wearing underwear on your head….But I must say it’s one of those mysteries of childhood…I know most of us went through the phase and it’s great  to see history repeat itself……reminding us of the sunny side of life…. And the innocence and beauty of kids.

Do you remember wearing underwear on your head…….?

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When you become a mother, you create your own manual. There are lots of books written about child care and parenting but you will discover that not everything you read or hear will work for your baby. So motherhood calls for patience and flexibility. You learn, and then you learn your baby and you craft a plan that works for the two of you.






Motherhood is a journey. It has seasons and a great learning curve. When you get in, you realize that you become more mature, need patience and an open mind. It is fun as you see your little baby grow, but it can be a challenge when you do not know how to handle your little one. There is a maternal instinct that always helps facilitate the learning and change and it is nice to nature it and make it work for you.

As a midwife consultant with Eve’s Mama, Lucy Muchiri speaks at several bridal and Baby Showers here in Kenya to prepare them for motherhood.

She offers practical help and support taking women through recovering from birth, adjusting to motherhood, planning around their baby and early child care and parenting. For the brides, she teaches them how to be wives and to understand men.

During such sessions, she also teaches the women about adjusting to marriage, how to deal with issues that arise in marriage and planning their home and family. `


For fathers-to-be, the best would be to start the orientation during pregnancy. This can be achieved through discussion and/or taking a child birth class together, to help prepare daddy for what’s coming. The most important thing that mothers can do is to encourage and allow their partners to participate in the care.  As a mother, you are his best coach, so explain to him what is happening, and discuss how it affects you, him and both of you. See what he is interested in and support and encourage him to do it. Most men will flow easily when involved and if they are interested. If there’s no interest, leave it but remember you had a relationship with him before the baby, so remember to nurture and prioritize your relationship with your partner.


Planning a bridal or baby shower? Get in touch with Lucy and give the bride or mum-to be a session that will equip her with vital skills when she becomes a mother.


Lucy Muchiri is a Mid-Wife Consultant and founder of Eve’s Mama

Find more info on www.facebook.com/evesmama or their website www.evesmama.com. Tel 0717 616160

Oh African Mama….


Your courage makes you so beautiful….


We all get stressed out from time to time. What are some of your favorite ways to unwind after a long, stressful day? Help other mums with your great ideas. share your tips on the Supamama Blog…..Below are some ideas shared by some mums….

1. Read WITH Your Children

Sit in bed reading with your kid(s)-this will also teach them how to relax …

2. Slow Down and Give Yourself Half an Hour

Find some time that’s only for yourself!  Have a long shower and lock yourself in the bedroom with a great book and sometimes a glass of wine! It’s very relaxing and very quite! Always pray for patience and remind yourself how awesome and blessed you are! But the biggest thing is to slow down and at least give yourself a half hour out of each day and do what you really enjoy!

3. Schedule coffee or tea with Friends

Especially for mums of the very young, make time and venture out to catch up with the real world. Having coffee with an acquaintance can help one realize the untapped wealth of friends you have in terms of their wisdom.  A good suggestion is have coffee with a new friend.

4. Set a Routine

One single mum of kids aged 3, 9, 6 and 1 says that  she got them into a good bedtime routine so the young ones all go to bed at 7pm and the eldest 2 can read or play quietly in bed until 8pm then they go to sleep. As a mother, She has also set herself into a routine that, on most days, everything that needs to be done has been done by the time the girls are in bed so most evenings are “mum time”. She spends some of that time on the computer or watching TV but what relaxes her most is painting (pictures) or reading.

 5. Mummy Nights

Once a month, try having mummy night. That may be a night of movies or meeting with friends …whatever it is, it is away from all children.

If mum is relaxed and happy, everyone is happy.

Share your tips…

Have you thought of Giving Birth at home….and while at it save the placenta for later….

Home care in pregnancy and birth by Consultant Midwife- Lucy Muchiri-Eve’s Mama

A brief introduction, I am an Independent Midwife, running evesmama Midwifery Services. Evesmama offers care and support to mums and mums-to-be before, during and after pregnancy.
Our services are home based, we bring the clinic to you, help you at home, and give postnatal care at home.

I realized as I went along in my practice as a nurse and motherhood that today’s mum is in need of support since unlike our mums who had their mums and others supporting them when we were born, we have the internet that has too much information and the hospital/clinics that are constrained with time and resources and cannot give support and our friends who are in the same boat as us…so evesmama came up to give practical care and support.

It is always a thought that gives chills but the greatest advantage is that a home birth allows active birth.
Birth is a natural process and the body knows what to do, just like with all other body activities. Active Birth is the situation when a mum is allowed to do her thing, allow her body to follow its natural instinct to birth and all she gets is supervision by a skilled attendant and support from both the professional and family.

Over the years, birth has been made to look safest at hospital despite the fact that majority of women world over still give birth at home, Kenya being at 58% by Oct 2010

With Active Birth (home birth), the mother is relaxed in her own and familiar environment. She is therefore able to produce a lot more of the good hormones and oxytocin that allows her to labor more easily. The fact that she is moving around and keeping active, it hastens her labor too.

In case a transfer is required, then it is done as a CS which cannot be done at home. Prior arrangements are done before hand. Emergencies in child birth are easy to detect early.

A home birth midwife always carries with them an emergency kit for the mum and baby. If the baby develops breathing complications, they should be able to resuscitate that baby and if need be transfer the baby to hospital.
Because natural births are considered such a messy affair, in the birth pack we have some protective sheets. You would only need a khanga or towel that you can dispose off. The placenta can be incinerated at a hospital incinerator or buried for those who like burying and eaten for those who do that. The mess can be controlled. If you are having a water birth then to control the mess you birth the placenta out of the pool.

A study done a few years ago showed that a piece of placenta eaten once a day for the first week after birth helps resettle the hormones and reduce PND-post natal depression. In the west they make capsules out of it which you take, but here it is dried in the sun or oven, you cut a piece each day and eat.
It is important to note that, home birth may not be for everyone, there is a criteria. I usually quiz for mums health history, previous births or current pregnancy and all that would help determine whether or not we can have the birth at home. If not, I do go to the hospital with them as their doula.

Prenatal care at home is a good thing as it also allows for the Supa daddy who cannot get time out of work to be present and get involved. It also comes with a crafted in birth preparation class which I believe is important for every mum before they go into labor especially if it is their first time.

A home birth’s other advantage is the family inclusion and the fact that everyone around you is familiar including the midwife who you should have bonded with. Your girl can be present if you wish, and like you say, bond immediately with her sibling. The scan you do at week 34-36 just to confirm the position, though a surprise breech can still be delivered.


A water birth is very relieving, and the buoyancy makes it easier to push. Actually, most mums who have a water birth do not need an episiotomy and hardly get tears.
Remember, motherhood is a journey, learn and enjoy at every season.

For more information contact Lucy Muchiri on lucy@evesmama.com, 0717 616160
http://www.facebook.com/evesmama or visit http://www.evesmama.com

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Supa-reporter Toddler……

The day my baby started talking over a year ago….we were so delighted! It was one of the milestones that we truly celebrated…. months down the line and the boy now being over two years……. man! The boy can really talk….on and on and on…..

What is funny for us is that the boy can talk to himself …for example..when he has been spanked.  He will cry then start saying to himself….. “ pole baby, daddy amekuchapa? daddy ni mbaya sana….tutamshtaki kwa mummy….wewe ni a good boy!” …..

But what I like most about my boy getting the hang’ of communication is that he will say anything and everything that happened while you were away. How and where he fell down… and the places they went with the nanny…. So when we come home the only thing  we need to ask is “How was your day?”….and the whole broadcast will be shared…..

Am enjoying this time because….. Who needs a nanny cam when you can tune in to toddler’s FM!

I lost my boy’s fish fish at the bank…..

Image My former British neighbor one day looked at my toddler’s stomach and asked me if he has Kwashiorkor…. Because his stomach was …round…. and well…. very healthy.

When I thought about it later …. I figured my boy literally can have rice or potatoes every day at every meal….  And since my British neighbor was a nurse…couldn’t help but believe her a bit…..So here and there, we have been seeing how to get this boy to have some variety in his meal, which has been working out pretty well.

One fine Wednesday ilin Apr, I set out to do a few errands here and there and actually got so much done. Then I decided to pass by City Market and bought this collection of different types of nyama…and some fish for the boy so we can work on this diversifying his meals thing.

After my grand purchase, I made my way to the Cooperative Bank, Aga Khan Walk…. I walk in say hi to Korir the ever helpful guy at customer service then move to  next to ATM –Collection counter… and I place my Nyama collection and head towards the ATM counter…which means I had to face the other side.

10 Minutes later, I turn to pick my nyama collection……its not there…. I ask the soldier if he has seen my meat..and smiles then he says no. Even saying those words sounded funny …“habari soldier, umeona nyama yangu pale…”

After absorbing the fact that my nyama was gone…and my boy’s fish was gone..I headed to Korir the ever helpful guy… and he mutters a “pole mama”. So another kind staff member tells me to wait, they will play for me the CCTV tape to see, you guessed it- the person who stole my meat…..

So sitting there waiting to identify the meat thief….I find myself bursting in laughter…here I am actually sitting at a banking lobby waiting to identify some guy who stole my meat…It struck me that its not the worst than can happen to a mother. The guy must have hoped it was wads of cash in it…. Would have been priceless to see his expression when he  peeped at his loot…. I wonder what he did to my meat collection and my boy’s fish…..